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Some examples of typical Support requests include:

  • Feature requests & follow-ups (e.g. “When will feature X be implemented?”)
  • User guidance (how-to)
  • Bug reports & follow-ups (e.g. “When will bug Y be resolved?”)
  • Login issues and service outages
  • Performance issues
  • Data issues (i.e. problems with the way data is showing up in reports or failed queries)
  • User administration (requests for new users, name changes, deleting users, study access, etc.)
  • Requests for documentation and release notes

For more information come over to our Knowledge Base section.

If you need assistance, navigate here to read on how to request support.

Support can be reached 24 hours a day depending on urgency of request. For more details please visit our support schedule.

Generally support tickets are picked up within 24 hours of request, and support engineers work quickly to resolve the issue as soon as possible. For more information, please view our support policy.