Ticket Fields


Brief description of the question/issue.


An unformatted detailed description of the question/issue providing information necessary to clearly understand and/or recreate an issue.

Examples of details to include are:

  • Account selected in application, timestamps, KPI selected, filters in use, error messages, expected results, and actual results.
  • Whether the issue affects multiple users and if it has been successfully recreated.


Additional people you wish to receive Ticket updates. Any users not designated as a Technical Contact may not reply to a Ticket notification.


Please attach any screenshots that illustrate the issue or question.

If you would like to include any formatted text, please insert it into a document or spreadsheet and attach to the Ticket.


  • Low
    • General product use, feature question, or feature request.
    • No impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of the application.
  • Normal
    • Lower impact problem or bug in a production system that does not prevent operation, a minor degradation in performance, or any problem in a non-production environment.
    • All essential operations can be performed.
  • High
    • High impact problem in a production use of the application.
    • Data is not refreshed as expected or significant degradation in performance.
    • Normal operations are seriously disrupted but does not impair essential operations. Business can still continue in a restricted manner and data integrity is not at risk.
  • Urgent
    • A catastrophic problem in a production system. An issue may be considered Urgent only if the application is unavailable or unusable.
    • System-wide loss of access to the application, inability to access data, or data integrity being compromised.
    • On call Support will be paged.
    • Support for Urgent priority issues

Please see the following how to guide for submitting a support ticket.