In any clinical study, trial leadership at every level have an abundance of details to manage, people to supervise, deadlines to meet, and budgets administer, among other things. What trial leadership does not have is an abundance of time to solve the inevitable challenges that arise in relation to these various moving parts. Saama can help.

In our new blog series, “Saama to the Rescue,” we profile common, real-life challenges encountered by various levels of clinical trial leadership every day, and how Saama solutions can pave the way for more efficient and effective clinical operations. Our first installment focuses on a fictional Portfolio Lead in a start-up scenario.

Situation: I’m Anton, Portfolio Lead for Company X’s oncology therapeutic area. In addition to managing 10 studies in start-up – and all the associated challenges that go along with them – I was notified this morning that an urgent meeting was just scheduled for early this afternoon with senior R&D leadership who want to know if these studies are on track with their target start-up milestones.