From the suffrages held in the US in the early 18th century to the setting up of “Paradigm of Parity” last year, women have come a long way. We now have 30 tech companies worldwide working towards bringing more women into the workforce to bridge the gender gap. There is a massive shift in the hiring space; companies are now dedicatedly focused on conducting more women-centric recruitment drives. Due to this reason, I, being a female techie, am often at the receiving end of taunts about the process being a cakewalk for “us” women.

What is There to Complain About

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until last year that the 30 top tech companies in the world including Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, and BASF, realized the need for higher traction in gender diversity. But hiring is based on an organization’s need and the roles in organizations have evolved over many decades and have become stereotyped. Therefore, what we need is a conscious effort to increase the representation of women among all types of roles across all areas and departments.