The clinical research field has seen many developments and it has come a long way in using technology to ensure accuracy and speed of the analysis of research data. However, there are many challenges related to clinical trials and their data management that need to be addressed. Leon Surgeon talks about the challenges and solutions presented in the white paper Addressing the Challenges in Clinical Development with Data-Driven Strategies.

Any life saving drug or treatment that comes into the market, passes through many phases of research, experimentation, and analysis. Each phase requires a lot of data management – collection, verification, integration – and analysis in order to draw appropriate conclusions. Sounds pretty linear, right? It’s not. Any one from the life sciences industry will tell you that launching anything new in the market is a complex process, filled with delays and redundancies.

Of late, the challenges faced by all big pharmaceutical companies have multiplied. With technological advances and worldwide acceptance of clinically tested drugs and treatments, it should have been easy to get new treatments into the market. Instead, the life sciences industry faces many challenges related to clinical trials: