Powerful search engines like ‘Google’ have transformed the way we search information, so much so that just the mention of the phrase ‘enterprise search’ may elicit yawns. In the era of machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, big data & analytics; finding the right information at the right time has become more crucial than ever. There are diverse requirements for search capabilities that emerge within an enterprise on a day-to-day basis. In this blog, Jaswinder Singh highlights the challenges that organizations are facing today related to their enterprise search solutions.

In the world of Big-data where we are generating data at mind boggling rate, search isn’t just about finding information, it has to be relevant and of value.

Search has to come with an ability to find something useful and profitable to the organization and irrelevant searches can cost a great many dollars. Leading organizations like Amazon, Google and others have aced customer behavior and gained competitive edge using big-data analytics over the available enterprise data.