Digital innovations and technical advancements are increasing the focus on enriching customer experiences. Sanjeev Kumar, VP, Head of Insurance at Saama technologies, highlights how insurance companies can elevate their customer experiences and achieve competitive differentiation in an increasingly commoditized market like this.

Imagine a scenario where a hurricane is approaching Louisiana or a tornado is about to hit Texas. In this nerve-racking moment, your insurance company proactively reaches out to its clientele and warns them to move out of the harm’s way. Not only this, the insurance company estimates damages (based on the intensity) and prepares for future claim requests. Sounds like a huge relief amidst chaos where customers are treated better in their moment of truth?

Consider a second situation where your vehicle meets with an accident. The vehicle communicates with the command center informing them about the extent of the physical damage. The information received is processed and automatically triggers a claim process with your vehicle insurer.