As we approach the last leg of the year 2016, businesses seem to be in an analysis mode, performing a reality check on their investments in IoT. Nikita Upadhyay from Saama Technologies, sheds light on the success of this technology and chalks the future roadmap as it proliferates deeper into business and consumer segments.

IoT is steadfastly transforming the manner in which companies conduct business. Rightly termed as the internet of everything, the technology is fast touching every industry in some way or the other. So what is driving companies to opt and deploy IoT solutions? Organizations are increasingly using IoT solutions to drive considerable cost savings by remote monitoring, improving asset utilization, making informed decisions based on the data and insights, enhancing process efficiency, and thus, boosting productivity. More importantly, IoT-driven innovations are expected to increase return on R&D investments, enable faster time-to-market, and open up additional sources of revenue from new business models and opportunities in the near future.

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