Accelerating Organizational Maturity in Advanced Analytics

Throughout history, humans have strived to move beyond the possible. We’ve pushed the envelope physically, mentally, and scientifically. We’ve made tremendous progress as a race and have continued to advance as individuals – But what if we could do this for organizations faster as a whole? In the world of data science and technology the barriers to entry are falling and the potential speed of R&D cycles are accelerating. If we are to break through our current limitations, we need a more holistic approach and parity between what we are achieving in technology, in the field of applied analytics, and the capabilities of our workforce. Organizations need a way to pull their workforce, who may not be as adventurous as those on the cutting edge, along on this journey.

How do we de-mystify this new information world for the general business population in such a way that they begin to embrace it and react to it, not just understand that it is becoming critical for creating competitive differentiation, but also that it is core to their own career advancement?