It’s true, every company is becoming a software company. But, the companies that are thriving are those who’ve turned their front end business users— sales reps, service agents, marketers, and everyone in between– into data citizens by allowing them to leverage the massive amounts of available data in order to drive customer success.

Business users 10 years ago had access to a fraction of the data that is currently available for making decisions. Now the reality is that business users are flooded with a sea of data from their customers, employees, partners and competitors. But are they smarter? Probably not.

This data revolution gave way to a plethora of sophisticated analytics tools aimed at helping companies make sense of this data. The catch is that these tools are complex and built for data scientists and IT, not the business users looking for answers in the context of their business. In order to truly take advantage of the fact that software is eating the world, companies must advocate for the masses by arming everyday business users and frontline employees with easy-to-use analytics tools. After all, this group has the most essential ingredient for success– context for data insights and the ability to drive change, because they are the ones running the day to day business, talking to customers, and taking action on insights.