By Suresh Katta, Founder and CEO, Saama Technologies

The importance of the resulting actionable insights gained from the mountains of data currently being collected and made more valuable through advanced analytics can not be understated.  Recently, I wrote a blog (What is an ‘Actionable Insight’?) advocating that actionable insights amount to more than another Big Data cliché word of the day.  But as invaluable as actionable insights can be, there is a Big Data outcome that can top it: Enabled Intuition.

In the early days of business intelligence (BI) gut feelings played a key role in decision-making based on the data collected.  As more advanced BI practices evolved, machine learning has inspired actionable insights, which has been touted widely by Big Data practitioners making the term ubiquitous.  While heavily used these days by all of us in the data and analytics field, actionable insights is one of the best ways to describe a key benefit of putting Big Data to work to improve business processes and practices.