A good decision,  made in the absence of knowledge,  is merely a lucky one. The biggest change facing corporations is the explosion of data and tools. The opportunity is in helping different business units  and functions capture, analyze and manage all that data and disparate technology tools/platforms.

The “Raw Data -> Aggregated Data ->  Contextual Intelligence -> Analytical  Insights -> Decisions” is a differentiating  causal chain separating winners from the  rest today.  Bringing consistency,  repeatability, reuse and process to this  information supply chain requires  discipline.

As companies have become more global and complex – and simultaneously more integrated – the need for cross-collaboration and more leverage of available resources via a shared services model has become a priority.

That is the reason why best-in-class firms are implementing BI Center of Excellence (CoE) (also called BI Shared Services or BI Competency Centers) for better leverage of investments in people, process and tools/applications.