Business intelligence (BI), and information management, is a natural fit for mobile devices. Managers, blue and white workers, today spend a majority of their time away from their desks. Most are traveling, walking about or driving from site to site. And it’s these mobile workers who often need the most up-to-date information. They need business intelligence to retrieve data to make on-the-spot decisions, monitor operational processes and review dashboards on different processes.

Mobile BI addresses a big complaint against analytics and information management for many years – not easy to consume, chart and data overload, devices not secure. Not anymore. Tablet devices are just right for mobile BI – small enough to carry and large enough to be effective. The early success of the iPad for BI has caught many experts by surprise.

Numerous corporations are leveraging the iPhone, iPad and Android phones to improve productivity via business-driven, data-rich mobile BI apps that transform how mobile executives and field users consume data and make informed business decisions.