Although “information enabled decisions” is a philosophy that has been discussed and promoted widely in the recent times, it has not yet become the mainstream SOP (standard operating protocol). With a big part of the Business Leaders now being mobile and remote, this has become a bigger challenge.

Actionable vs Action Enabled BI

Enter the iPhone a few years ago and it appeared that the mobile workforce could then get access to entities beyond email and calendar that the BlackBerry had made so popular. The Iphone interface allowed for Information and insights to be presented to the field force, better enabling the fieldforce and gained pretty quick braod adoption. But the formfactor was still too small for effective use of information. With the entrance of the ipad that changed completely. Now there was a platform that could allow the mobile workforce to get access to insights without a constrained screen size, available on the go. Given that enterprises are spending a lot of effort in generating and presenting relevent information nuggets / insights, there is a clear push to make these “Actionable” i.e “Actionable Intelligence”. Since these are now available to the field force on their tablets, this becomes “Actionable Intelligence OnTheGo”.