This article will walk you through the steps to review all tickets submitted to Saama Support.

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Step 1: Click on "check ticket status" or the "Tickets" tab

Step 2: Login to the support portal

  • Once you are logged in you will be brought to the "Check Ticket Status" page
  • On the Ticket Status page, you can view and export all tickets you have submitted to Saama Support.
  • By default the Open or Pending view is shown, clicking the dropdown will allow you to see All tickets. 

Step 3: (optional) Export Ticket List

  • In the top right of the ticket status page, there is a link to "export tickets"
  • Clicking the link will bring up the Export Tickets screen where you can choose 
    • Export type
    • Tickets created (Up to the last 30 days)
    • Fields to include in the export

Note: Technical contacts are able to see all tickets submitted for their respective organization. If you would like this access please reach out to support.

Here is a quick video walking through the steps above.