Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) is the leading AI-powered clinical analytics platform from Saama that seamlessly integrates clinical trial data, delivering more actionable insights for faster decision making. Saama’s proven suite of cloud-based applications in LSAC offer powerful data aggregation, monitoring, analytics, and collaboration capabilities, so sponsors and CROs can optimize study planning, enrollment, compliance, productivity, and oversight.

This document contains important information on new features and updates for LSAC v3.6.

             New Features/Enhancements

This section gives a list of new features and/or updates for each module worked upon or improvised.

  •  Enhancements in Task Management


COM-3674: Task Template is configurable


Administrative users will have the flexibility to create a customized task template by adding/removing attribute fields and defining the scope of these new attributes, as per the requirements of the business workflow. Email notifications would be sent out to the relevant people when changes are done. 

Scope of this feature: This feature is applicable to OOB Reports, OOB Dashboards and to KPI Studio Reports.


             Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed for LSAC release 3.6:

Fixed Issue



The AE Details are showing consistently and correctly in Graphical Patient Profile (3.5) dashboard, for a client-specific instance.


A new user can be added successfully in Architect Mode in CQS Conference Demo instance 


The Teams homepage under User Management module is displaying correctly in Architect Mode in KPI Studio Test user account.

             Open Issues

There are no known issues for this release.

             Technical Support

Customers can submit issues via our support portal (Support.saama.com) or calling the support line (866) 619-9995 during normal business hours. For any other query customers can contact us on the email address: support@saama.com