Use Case

The Caching Filter Values feature has additional options that provide more flexibility in displaying data in our cached filters. They are:

  • Ignore Report Filters when Loading Cached Values

  • Restrict SQL Context to Filter Columns Only


Follow the example below to apply the caching filter values feature using a data set. 

  1. Login as an authorized user.
  2. Click on the Plus sign that appears at the top right corner and select Report.
  3. On the New Report window, click on a metric view that will form the basis of your analysis. Here, for instance, Dispositions is selected. 
  4. On the report interface, add your required data fields. Ensure that you have a metric and two dimension fields to generate this report. 
  5. To drag a data field in the Columns box, expand one of the folders that appear in the left pane of the report interface window and by using the click-and-drag method on the columns, populate the Columns box. You can use the search box, presented above the folders, to search for a specific column. Here, for instance, Study ID, Site Region, Site Country, Sum Subjects Enrolled are selected.
  6. Drag-and-drop the Site Region column in the Filters section. Sort data by entering a value in this filter and click Submit.
  7. The report is sorted by the value entered in the Site Region filter. Here, for instance, it is Asia.
  8. Open the field menu of the Study ID column and select Add Filter
  9. Open the Filter Formatting menu and select Study ID
  10. Under the Entry Style tab, in the Value Entry Method select Value List Selection.
  11. In the Value List Setup box, select Cached Values.
  12. Click Refresh Now. 
  13. The result shows the count of cached values. Here, for instance, it is 8. This number 8 is determined by the selection in the Site Region filter and from the SQL statement generated in the report itself. The 8 cached values appear as shown.
  14. Based on the value defined in the Site Region filter, we can cache all the values of the Site Country column. However, it is possible that we may be missing some site countries in the Asia region itself, if the count of Subjects Enrolled is zero. To achieve this, we can provide the following actions:
    1. Restrict SQL context to Filter Columns Only - Enable this option to include site countries which are in Asia but have zero count of subjects enrolled.
    2. To cache all values that should be available if the Site Region filter is not applied, enable the Ignore Report Filters when Loading Cached Values. This will load all values without loosing the context of the report.
    3. Click Refresh Now and you can see the count of cached values has changed.
    4. The resultant report is shown below.