Use Case

This feature forcefully shows the axis titles for charts, irrespective of their size.

Follow the example below to implement the feature.

  1. Login to the LSAC application as an authorized user.
  2. Open KPI Studio by selecting it from the platform left navigation bar.
  3. Click the plus sign that appears at the top right corner and select Report.
  4. On the Report Builder, select the view you would want to base your report on. Here, the view Site Performance is selected.
  5. On the report interface, as shown below, select a dimension field and a metric field. Here, for instance, the fields Study ID, Therapeutic Area, and Subjects Screened are dragged into the Columns area.
  6. On the Charts tab, create the chart by placing the Study ID in the Horizontal Axis section and the aggregate of Sum Subjects Screened in the Vertical Axis section, as shown below.
  7. On the Report tab, select Save to save the report.
  8. Click the plus sign that appears at the top corner of the KPI Studio interface and select Dashboard.
  9. On the Create New Dashboard pop up, in the Dashboard Name, enter a unique name for the dashboard.
  10. Select a data set or view under Default Dataset (this step is optional).
  11. Click Create to create the dashboard.
  12. Select Reports from the left pane and drag the selected report into the dashboard canvas area.
  13. Select the report and click the Open Report icon as shown below.
  14. On the Edit tab, select Charts.
  15. In the Charts interface, from the Chart Formatting field menu, click the Axis icon.
  16. In the Axis Settings - Horizontal pop up window, in the Show/Hide Axis Title box select Show.
  17. Similarly, on the Vertical tab, in the Show/Hide Axis Title box, select Show.
  18. Click the cross icon to apply the changes.
  19. The resultant report is as shown below.
  20. Select Save from the Report tab to save the report.