Use Case

Presentations can be created by any KPI Studio user if their role permits it. When you create a presentation, you can select a default data set if you wish to include reports or charts from an existing view.

KPI Studio ships with a few themes that you can use as templates for presentations, but if these don't suit your needs, you can create your own themes. Let's start with creating a presentation from an existing theme. Note that slides are a fixed size that cannot be changed.

To create a presentation theme, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into the LSAC application as an authorized user.
  2. Open the KPI Studio from the My Apps tab in the platform left navigation bar.
  3. Click the plus sign that appears at the top right corner of the KPI Studio canvas and select Present.
  4. In the Create New Presentationpopup, provide the following inputs:
    1. Presentation Name: Enter a unique name for the presentation.
    2. Default Dataset (Optional): To add charts or reports, select an appropriate view/dataset or click Create New View to create a new view, this will take you away from your presentation and into the View Builder. 
    3. Under Choose Theme, select Blank.
    4. Click Create and the new presentation will be created, ready to be edited as shown below.
    5. The Present Properties pane on the right side enables you to customize each slide and thus your entire presentation.
    6. The slide name can be changed from the Present Properties pane or you can double-click on the slide name in the slide header to change it.
    7. From the toolbar on the left, add to your slide present objects or content. As you work on the slides, your presentation is automatically saved as Draft. The list of present objects are stated below:
      ReportsAdd reports in the form of charts or tables to your presentation. You can provide interactive reports, report bookmarks, snapshots or entire report canvas.
      FiltersAdd report filters to filter data directly on the presentation.
      TextAdd headlines or descriptive text. Customize it to match any text styling.
      GraphicsAdd shapes, icons, or lines to further enhances your presentation's design.
      ImagesIncorporate static images to your presentation.
      Blueprints & Quick ChartsAdd chart placeholders or quickly create simple charts directly on the presentation.
      Code WidgetsAdd KPI Studio code widgets  
      Action ButtonsAdd action buttons that trigger events upon clicking.
    8. Click Publish to save and to share your presentation.


If you would like to save your presentation as a theme, see the article Creating a Presentation Theme for further                     details.