Filter groups allow you to define sets of filters for your dashboard, making it easier to organize your dashboard filters.

How to create filter groups

  1. Log in into the LSAC application as an authorized user.
  2. Open KPI Studio from My Apps tab in the platform left navigation bar.
  3. Click the plus sign that appears at the top right corner of the window and select Dashboard.
  4. Open an existing dashboard with filters added to it. Else add filters to the dashboard.
  5. To create a new filter group, click +Filters and select Filter Group.

  6. This will display a new text field. Enter a name for the filter group here, and press the enter key to save it.
  7. Then drag a filter onto this filter group using the drag icon next to the filter name.

  8. You can add multiple filters to a filter group in this manner.

Filter group actions

You can use the other steps to create multiple filter groups. Note that you can also drag a filter from one group to another group. However, you cannot nest filters: that is, drag a filter group into another group.

Here are some other things you can do.

Initial state

Specify the initial state of the filter group. This allows you to choose whether to display the group filters

  1. Click on the menu button next to the filter group name. This will bring up a menu.

  2. Choose an initial state for the group: Select Open to display the filter group set expanded to show all the filters by default; or select Closed to close the filter group set by default.
  3. Close the menu. 

Open vs Closed States

The published dashboard will show the filter group set expanded if Open was selected as the initial state:

Or closed if Closed was selected.

Either of these states can be changed by the user.

Delete filter group

Delete a filter group and all filters added to it. 

  1. Click on the menu button next to the filter group name. This will bring up a menu.

  2. Click on the delete icon to delete the filter group.

Rename filter group

Double click on a filter group name to make it editable, and then rename it.