Interacting with KPI Studio Present

Here are some of the interactions you can perform on a published presentation:

  • Navigation: Navigate back and forth between slides by clicking on the arrow buttons on either side of a slide.
  • Apply filters: If filters are added to reports, they can be used to filter live report data within a presentation.
  • Slider: Drag the slider to move through the presentation slides.

Present access

Presentations can be made secure to ensure only trusted users have access to it. This can be determined by icons that shows the user access level of the dashboard. Click on the user access icon to change the access level.


IconAccess LevelDescription


This access level means the presentation is available to all users provided they have access to the Content Folder it is stored in. 


This access level means that the presentation will be available to only specific users. These users must be given access here, and also to the Content Folder it is stored in.

Changing the user access

A published presentation's user access level can be changed by users with permission to ‘edit’ a private presentation. Note that all users have permission to edit a public presentation. Follow the steps below to change the user access.

  1. Click on the access icon. It will bring up the User Access popup.
  2. Select either the public or private access setting (see above for a description of each).

  3. If making a presentation private, you can select specific users who can access it.

    Note: If a public presentation is favorited by users, and then made private, then all those users will lose access to it.
  4. Click Save to update the settings.