This article describes the Exposure - Listing tabular analytic.

Exposure - Listing is a tabular analytic that displays medication data for site-subject-visit combination.

What's in the Listing

Each row in the listing contains the following information:

  • Study ID
  • Study Name
  • Site Country
  • Site ID
  • Site Name
  • Subject ID
  • Exposure Seq No.
  • Visit
  • Administered Dose
  • Category for Treatment
  • Subcategory for Treatment
  • Dose per Administration
  • Dose Description
  • Dose Unit
  • Dose Form
  • Dose Frequency per Interval
  • Total Daily Dose
  • Treatment Start Date
  • Treatment Start Time
  • Treatment Start Study Day
  • Treatment End Date
  • Treatment End Time
  • Treatment End Study Day
  • Treatment Duration

The size or the number of records to be seen on one page at a given time, can be chosen from the following options: 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.


To sort Exposure - Listing by a column, click the bidirectional arrows next to the column name in the column header.


If the Master Study Filter (MSF) has been applied to render application data based on one or more studies, in your previous LSAC session, then the data seen in the Exposure - Listing will be based on the MSF selection.

Otherwise, you can use the Study Name filter from the Filters pane, that appears on the left side of listing, to filter the listing data by one or more studies. The Filters pane also includes some multi-select filters such as Study Name, Subject Identifier, Visit, Administered Dose and so on.

Note: In case the Filters pane is not visible, then click the Filters icon that appears at the top right corner of the navigation bar.

Export Options

The listing data, unfiltered or based on filter selection, can be downloaded as a CSV file for better accessibility and portability.