Purpose & Scope

Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) suite of applications is the leading AI-powered clinical analytics self-serving platform from Saama that seamlessly integrates and processes clinical trial data, delivering more actionable insights for faster decision making. 

Saama’s suite of cloud-based applications in LSAC, offer powerful data aggregation, monitoring, analytics, and collaboration capabilities, so that sponsors and CROs can optimize study planning, enrollment, compliance, productivity, and oversight.

The purpose of this document is to provide the release notes for version 4.5.2 of LSAC application. The release notes review the latest enhancements/new features of the LSAC application along with addressing known defects and fixed defects. 

This document is intended to leave the business user with an understanding of the features and fixes to the LSAC application when upgrading from subsequent versions.

Release Summary

This release, LSAC v4.5.2 is a patch-fix release that states the resolution status for the high-priority bugs reported post the LSAC v4.5 release. 

Abbreviations & Acronyms

     The list of applied acronyms and abbreviations is mentioned below:


LSACLife Science Analytics Cloud
CROContact Research Organization/Clinical Research Organization
OIOperations Insights

New Features/Enhancements in LSAC Application

There are no new enhancements as part of the LSAC v4.5.2 release.

Bug Fixes

The bug fix, as part of the LSAC v4.5.2, is listed as follows:

Issue ID

Issue Description



The export CSV file generated for the Study Details widget table in the Executive Summary dashboard - Portfolio showed mismatched data for multiple columns.

Resolved. The Export to CSV feature in the Study Details widget table is working as expected.

Known/Open Issues

There are no open/deferred issues as part of the LSAC v4.5.2 release.

Technical Support

Customers can submit issues via our support portal (support.saama.com) or calling the support line (866) 619-9995 during normal business hours. For any other query customers can contact us on the email address: support@saama.com