Purpose & Scope

Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) suite of applications is the leading AI-powered clinical analytics self-serving platform from Saama that seamlessly integrates and processes clinical trial data, delivering more actionable insights for faster decision making. 

Saama’s suite of cloud-based applications in LSAC, offer powerful data aggregation, monitoring, analytics, and collaboration capabilities, so that sponsors and CROs can optimize study planning, enrollment, compliance, productivity, and oversight.

The purpose of this document is to provide the release notes for version 4.3.2 of LSAC application. The release notes review the latest enhancements/new features of the LSAC application along with addressing known defects and fixed defects. 

This document is intended to leave the business user with an understanding of the features and fixes to the LSAC application when upgrading from subsequent versions.

Release Summary

The LSAC CDH application, as part of the LSAC CDH v4.3.2 release, has been enhanced by fixing the issues that were deferred with the LSAC CDH v4.3 release.

Abbreviations & Acronyms

     The list of applied acronyms and abbreviations is mentioned below:


LSACLife Science Analytics Cloud
CDHClinical Data Hub
PDA/PDLPatient Data Analytics/Patient Data Layer
ODLOperation Data Layer
Operational Data Model
EDCElectronic Data Capture
CDL/CDMCommon Data Layer/Common Data Model
Medidata Rave
Cloud Based Clinical Data Management System
Biology & Medical Statistical Software
DQData Quality
CTMSClinical Trial Management System
Amazon Web Services

New Features/Enhancements in LSAC Analytics

     There are no new enhancements as part of the LSAC CDH v4.3.2 release.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed as part of the LSAC CDH v4.3.2 release.

Issue ID

Issue Description



The shuffle repartition parameter is coming as string.

The shuffle repartition parameter has been typecasted.


When the subjectid value is updated in CRF form, the change is not reflected in the subject_enrollment_number column in cdhops_subject table and in the other clinical datasets.

Resolved. The expected change is visible when the subjectid is updated in the CRF column.


The issues were identified on a form with non-log/log combination. These are:

  1. If the logline has integer item and when it is cleared (either automatically or manually by InForm Rules) then the value is not reflected in the corresponding column but is reflected in _raw column.
  2. If the user creates another new logline before the next incremental run in CDH, then the non-log value is not populated when the logline is created.

Resolved. For case 1, the change in value is reflected in the corresponding column. For case 2, the non-log value is populated for a new logline created in CDH.

PDA-8899The Rave_Biostat data pull job is failing in PROD because the inbuilt PANDA library version has been upgraded and this is causing the RAVE_Biostat data pull failure.Resolved. The Rave_Biostat data pull is successful on PROD. We have reverted the up versioning of the PANDA package and restored it to the previous version on which the CDH application is hosted.

Known/Open Issues

There are no known (deferred) issues as part of the LSAC CDH v4.3.2 release.

Technical Support

Customers can submit issues via our support portal (support.saama.com) or calling the support line (866) 619-9995 during normal business hours. For any other query customers can contact us on the email address: support@saama.com