This tutorial allows you to set default values for dashboard filters. 


  1. Login into the LSAC application as an authorized user.
  2. Open KPI Studio from My Apps tab in the platform left navigation bar.
  3. Click the plus sign that appears at the top right corner of the window and select Dashboard.
  4. Add a filter to your dashboard using the filter widget. 
  5. Select a value that you wish to define as the default. Or if you added a filter which has default selections defined in the report, then those values should automatically appear here.

  6. On the + Filters dropdown box, select Set current values as default option.

  7. Now your selection will appear as the default value for the filter.
  8. Select Update default values from +Filters dropdown to update these values, and to make different selections.

  9. Select Clear default values from +Filters dropdown box to remove or clear default filter values from the dashboard.